Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What is the expected time of delivery ?

Depending on your location, the expected time of delivery of your order will be 3-7 days. Kindly note that due to the regulations in place due to the Covid-crisis, the delivery time might be extended by a few days.

2. How do I return/exchange my order ?

To raise return/exchange request please download our app from iOS or Android stores and login with your phone number. In orders section, once your order is marked delivered, you will see the option to return / exchange each item.

3. Are all all items eligible for return ?

Except for the items marked for "clearance sale", all items can be returned. For further details please check our returns policy in detail here

4. Do you provide pickup for return / exchange?

Yes, we do provide pickup for returns and exchanges.

5. My items have been picked-up , how long do I have to wait now?

Once your items reach our warehouse, they will be checked for non-use and your return/exchange will processed immediately.

6. I want to exchange but not for size but with another item altogether, is that possible ?

Yes, once your item is picked up we will credit your Yogue App wallet with the amount of the item returned, which you can use to order anything else on our app.

7. Do you offer discounts ?

Yes, from time to time we do run exciting sale and discount campaigns. Please download our app to make the most of these deals.

8. Is it possible to order Yogue Activewear in bulk ?

Yes, please email us at with your required items list, we will endeavor to provide you with the best possible pricing for the same.

9. Do you have an influencer programme ?

Yes, we collaborate with many relevant social media profiles and pages to spread awareness about us and about fitness and yoga in general. If you think we can work together, please reach out to us.




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