Working Conditions

At Yogue Activewear, we are 100% sweat-shop free. All our workers are paid above market rates. Our manufacturing is well-lit with natural light and electric lights, is airy and is in serene surroundings.


Moreover we believe in quality than quantity. A direct implication of choosing quality over quantity is that our management does not push workers to put in extra hours. We believe everybody has a right for a quality family life. Even more than that, we belong to the school of thought which believes that happy employees create much better and much more work than unhappy employees who just work to fulfill deadlines in a rush.


We are not in a hurry, businesses have been made in the past by many a great men, and with time they have vanished too, we believe it's important for everyone to enjoy being a part of the process.
Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide - ACTIVEKICKS